Soft Skills

A glamorous boost to your image is not only limited to the outward finesse of style. It also includes the development of inner poise, elegance, confidence, and presence of mind.

01. School

Personality is not a one day show but a process of development that starts right from childhood. Similarly, parents and teachers should also understand how to present themselves to each other and the children. DSI, therefore, has taken up the initiative to extend its services of personality development and grooming through which the little ones can come out as bright and confident learners. Parents and teachers can also understand how they can gravitate the attention of the children towards themselves as well as interact and present themselves to each other.

02. Educational Institutions

Students of today will become professionals of the future in whatever career they choose to be in. And as soft skill trainers at DSI, it is our responsibility to prepare, cultivate and nurture their personality, irrespective of the educational institution they are in, so that they can grow smarter, better and are ready for the challenges that will lay on their path.

03. Hospitality

Hospitality is an industry that dedicates itself to the satisfaction of people through a smooth process, solutions and services. It revolves around food outlets like cafes and restaurants, accommodation facilities like hotels, resorts and inns, and travel which include an onboard crew of airlines and cruises. Personality development and grooming is a necessity in this industry whose mantra revolves around proper etiquette, decorum, sophistication, confidence, and composure. At DSI, find the best soft skills development programs via both individual and group sessions to ace in your career in the hospitality industry.

04. Retail and Beauty

Customer comfort and satisfaction is of utmost importance when it comes to retail stores and beauty salons. And it hugely depends upon you and your assistants. At DSI learn how to behave properly and interact with customers without going overboard.

05. Corporates

Employee management, client meetings, team meetings, customer service and maintaining office decorum are all parts and parcels of the corporate world. Here, apart from your work, your whole personality is taken into account. But do not fret! DSI extends its dedicated personality development and grooming courses right your way making your corporate life a cake walk.

06. Happiness Coaching

Stress is becoming a dominant factor amongst the daily humdrums of life. This leads to diminished energy and haphazard focus. Bring out your inner peace and happiness at the healing programs of DSI. Learn to be calm and find yourself in the present moment.