Soft Skills Training


You may spend hours getting ready for that international client presentation or the happening party. But giving a glamorous boost to your image does not only mean outward finesse of style. It means to develop the inner poise, elegance, confidence, and presence of mind. DSI’s soft skills training is geared towards the improvement of individual communication, general etiquette, and self-image.

Talk Right: During a meeting or an interview, there are a lot of times when we have certain valid points to present to the table but cannot because of communication issues. Under its detailed soft skills training, DSI makes sure that your confidence is rejuvenated so that you can speak your mind and talk right according to the event or situation at hand. Make an impression in the interview with eloquent answers or connect with your team with superb communication skills through DSI’s soft skill training.

Balancing stress and goal: In the fast world of the 21st century, no one has time to stand and take a break. Everyone is goal oriented and professional. Working long hours, therefore, brings forth a substantial amount of stress that affects our mental peace. With an aim to imbibe inner peace and calm for improved productivity and lifestyle, DSI strives to guide people to minimize stress and manage time effectively and set goals according to one’s abilities.

Workshops for the Young: Whether a 5-year-old or a 20-year-old, soft skill training is necessary as much for the little ones in school as is for the young and energetic ones in college. Improving their soft skills, DSI aims to imbibe proper grooming and eliminate all forms of insecurity and lack of confidence from within them. It is important to identify one’s talents when they are students or even kids. Based on these can they further grow. And the more confident they are, the better they will be to open up and do whatever they wish to while practicing the correct and smart behavior expected of them.

Corporates: Apart from your work, your whole personality is taken into account in the corporate world. While working in an office, one should know how to communicate with their colleagues or managers, irrespective of cross cultural boundaries. Through its detailed office staff training and cross-culture awareness training, DSI makes you corporate ready. It not only teaches you how to project yourself at work and hone on the spotlight but also how to be amicable with your team and forge communication with international professionals with an understanding of the difference in cultures, positions of authority and lots more.

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