Image Consultancy

Your image is important wherever you go. Whether a professional meeting or a personal gathering, your attire, makeup, hair, and even your shoes speak volumes about you. It is your image through which people perceive you, and you make your first impression on them.

01. Individual Image Management

DSI’s individual image management provides one-on-one services that not only strives to give your wardrobe the much-needed trendy and enhanced fix through full wardrobe analysis and personal shopping but also upgrades you with an all-in-all self make-up, skin and hair course, personal style and grooming, and diet and nutrition.

02. Makeup and Hair Module

Your face is your identity, and makeup and hair are a major part of your grooming. Know how to shine in any social, personal or corporate event only at DSI with its customized makeup training workshops. Get easy makeup and hairstyle hacks and look good every day. There is a unique feature to each face. Learn face shape analysis and apply makeup accordingly. DSI even makes you event ready with personalized makeup and hairstyling.

03. Pre-Bridal Consulting

We know how much it matters to you to look not just good but phenomenal on the fairytale event of your wedding. That’s why at DSI, we offer you the all-inclusive and holistic bridal consulting. We not only help you to choose the best wedding attire but also define the ethereal style you would love to carry off on your wedding through the bride-to-be makeup course. Capture the happiness and love forever through DSI’s pre-wedding photo shoot.

04. Pretty Preggers

It is said that nothing is as precious to a woman as being a mother. DSI strives to capture the tender beauty of would-be mothers through its dedicated services of maternity shopping, post-partum care, and prenatal photo shoots.