Etiquette Coaching

Manners and Etiquette are the basic aspects taught by our parents and teachers since childhood. And it is still an important part to abide by while engaging in any social, personal or corporate activity. Etiquette is the code of good and polite manners maintained in an event.

01. Business Etiquette

Manners matter the most in business. It is because for any exchange of words in business you are managing your own reputation. Pertaining to the industry you belong from, DSI provides tailor-made business etiquette coaching to all professionals and entrepreneurs.

02. Dinner Etiquette

Meals are common in social events as well as business meet-ups. And it is important that you know not only to dress well and be courteous but have comprehensive know-how of dining cutlery and table manners expected of you. And with the expert advice and coaching of DSI, you become a pro in table manners and dining before you know it.

03. Cross Culture and International Protocol

Oftentimes, your work may demand you to cooperate, coordinate and communicate with people from diverse cultures. Learn the etiquettes to interact, co-work and co-habit in the same workplace only at DSI.

04. Social Manners

Whether a family function, an outing with friends or a date, as social beings we do indulge in social gatherings and events. DSI assists you to cultivate social manners so that you are always graceful, comforting and amicable at any social scenario.

05. Children and Youth Etiquette

Good manners always win the hearts of people. And nothing can be more endearing than a well-mannered child. Help your little one or teen to gain good etiquette and manners at DSI so that they can present themselves with charm and charisma at any event.